UNIC SpyderCrane on Discovery Channel

Did you happen to catch the SpyderCrane mini crawler by UNIC on Mean Machines on the Discovery Channel? Have you ever seen this powerful little mini crane in action? If not, you really should check out the video.

The video is from GGR Group’s YouTube channel.

There are some great quotes on the show:

“Only one crane is compact and courageous enough to get into the confined and dangerous spaces of the nuclear reactor.”

“It ends up with all the lifting power of a standard crane, but with an infinitely greater range of access.”

“The mini crane’s flexibility has seen it called into some of the most extreme environments possible. A role made possible by another ‘mean’ design facet – remote controlled operation. The mini crane’s lift functions are powered with electricity generated from an LPG engine – so it can be remotely guided through intricate tasks in zones where no human can go.”

The video also talks about a lot of the unique design features of the crane, like it’s hexagonal boom, and it’s safety features, as well as showing the crane in action in some very confined spaces.

For more information about the SpyderCrane mini crawler crane, contact us today!

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