Back From The Rental Show

Just back, but still recovering, from a great time down in New Orleans at The Rental Show.

Some of the highlights of the trip were:

… meeting with Niels, the Managing Director of INTELLITECH GLASLIFT Products. It was really interesting to hear some of the advantages of these machines and their ability to minimize glass breakage due to precision handling and placement. I appreciate him spending time with me.

Here is a picture of the GlasLift 770 and GlasLift 1100 in the Intellitech booth.

Intellitech at The Rental Show

… I also met up with ZUKE of United Rentals St. Rose LA branch, and was shocked that he remembered me from some of the demonstrations I put on with SPYDERCRANE Mini Crawlers in 2010.

… Marko and his team from CANLIFT were great to spend an evening out on the town with the first evening! Too fun? Nah. It is New Orleans after all.

Met a lot of great people, had a great time, and saw some really great products – all in all, I thought the 2012 Rental Show was excellent and the ARA are to be commended for putting on such a great show.

Thanks and see you in 2013!

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