Mobile Glass Handlers Are Our New Focus

We have experienced a change in the matrix here at GLG.

Due to resounding success, we have shifted our focus solely to the mobile glass handlers that are taking North America by storm. You will notice that we have adjusted our website to match this new direction, so please check out all of the new information and product pages, for the fantastic line of GlasLift products from Denmark’s HH Intellitech:

GL-250 / 550

GL-351 / 770

GL-500 / 1100

Gerenuk 500/1100

Each model has two model designations as they are badged differently for imperial and metric markets, with the model number essentially representing the unit’s lift capacity. ie. GL-250 / 550 has 250kg / 550lbs lift capacity

GL-500/1100 in ActionGL 500/1100

So please take some time to familiarize with these amazing machines that are revolutionizing the glazing industry (amongst others), with their ability to impact productivity on such a massive scale. If you have any immediate questions, please feel free to use any of our online contact methods, or just give us a call toll free at 1-855-779-3371.

Come see us at Booth 3105 at GlassBuild 2014 if you’re attending, we’d love to give you a demonstration.

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