Introducing New All-Terrain GlasLift 400/880

The latest addition to our glass handler line represents the next generation of multilifters and glass handlers; the GlasLift® 400/880 not only looks tough, it is tough.

The front twin-wheel design, coupled with an incredibly reliable hydrostatic drive, make it both maneuverable, and capable of operating in all kinds of different terrains and environments.

GL-400 extended

The GlasLift® 400/880 can lift 400 kg (880 pounds) up to 4 metres (157 inches) with precision, as the upper arm moves in an upright position, parallel with the facade. A sledge makes it possible for the arm to move parallel to both sides, one millmetre at a time. It offers 430mm (17 inches) of boom extension.

It can also pick objects off the floor with ease.


On top of being tough, the GlasLift® 400/880 is compact and uniquely adaptable. It can pass through door openings and hallways as narrow as 750mm (29.5 inches), as the outside wheels can be removed easily and in just 3-5 minutes. It can be carried from site to site in a small trailer, and it can pick up virtually every known building material.

GL-400 Compact

The GlasLift®400/880 from Intellitech definitely represents the next generation of multilifter, and we are excited to add it to our mobile glass handler line-up. If you would like to see it in action, call or email us today for a demonstration.

Click here for the GlasLift® 400/880 product page.

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