ROI Case Study: Vollsmose

With 504 windows to change in 504 apartments, enter the Gerenuk 500… two of them actually.

The previous method with traditional lifts, required 10 people and 8 months to complete.

The current method requires two Gerenuk 500s, 4 people, and took just 4 months to complete.


Here is a quick glance at how the numbers break down (US Dollars)…

Cost Factors Previous Method Current Method
Labour Cost Per Hour Per Person $38.14 $38.14
Hour Per Working Day 7.5 7.5
Cost Per Worker Per Day $286.03 $286.03
Hour Per Working Day 7.5 7.5
Total Cost In Labour Per Day [A] $2860.26 (10 workers) $1144.11 (4 workers)
Total Lift Costs Per Day [B] $1367.95 $1697.91*
Total Costs Per Day [C] = [A+B] $4228.92 $2842.02
Estimated Time Scope 8 months 4 months
Working Days In month 20 20
Total Working Days [E] 160 80
Total Cost Of Project [C] x [E] $676,514.45 $227,361.92
* – The lift costs per day for the current project are based on puchasing two Gerenuk 500s for $135,833.49 – spread out over the 80 working days of the project ($135,833.49/80 = $1697.91

So as you can see, even with the purchase of two Gerenuk 500s for the project, there was still a cost savings of almost half a million dollars – $676,514.45 (previous) – $227,361.92 (current) = $449,152.53.

And the entrepreneur on this project is going to need them too; as a result of the fast, cost-effective renovation, they were granted a new 2015 project on 600 apartments.

Imagine the return on investment WITHOUT the cost of the Gerenuk 500s to incur on their next glazing job – they stand to save even more!

We can even show you how they did it!

What are you waiting for? Call us today and find out how we can save you money on your next project. We didn’t even tell you about how much they saved on damaged windows!!

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