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GlasLift 550 Delivered

Hot off the presses! Want to see what the fuss is about? Here is a photo of the brand spanking new all terrain GlasLift 550 that we just uncrated. Isn’t it a beauty? This one is spoken for, so you … Continue reading

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GlasLift 550/1212 Now Available

The GlasLift 550/1212 is now available. Our new mobile glass handler is finally here, and sure to impress!! With the new GlasLift’s front twin-wheels, and hydrostatic drive, this machine can operate in all kinds of terrains. It can lift 550kg … Continue reading

ROI Case Study: Vollsmose

With 504 windows to change in 504 apartments, enter the Gerenuk 500… two of them actually. The previous method with traditional lifts, required 10 people and 8 months to complete. The current method requires two Gerenuk 500s, 4 people, and … Continue reading

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Introducing New All-Terrain GlasLift 400/880

The latest addition to our glass handler line represents the next generation of multilifters and glass handlers; the GlasLift® 400/880 not only looks tough, it is tough. The front twin-wheel design, coupled with an incredibly reliable hydrostatic drive, make it … Continue reading

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GlassBuild 2014

Back from GlassBuild 2014, and wow, what a show, and what a great time we had in Las Vegas. Things are always so busy when we get back, but we just wanted to thank everybody that took the time to … Continue reading


Permasteelisa Demo

Here are some photos of the demonstration we provided for PERMASTEELISA at their Mock Up Facility in Windsor, CT. They are simulating the new Apple Building being built in California. The panels we handled were 1000lbs each, with an average … Continue reading

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SpyderCrane URW295 Setup Demonstration

In this video, Dave demonstrates how a stowed SpyderCrane URW295 can be made fully ready in less than five minutes… much less in fact.

Intellitech Video: GlasLift 500 / MMHR-1100

HH Intellitech has put together this fantastic video on the GlasLift 500 (aka MMHR 1100); the most intelligent remote controlled robotic multi-lifter in the industry, with 3D manipulation, sensor surveillance and remote repair diagnostics.

SpyderCrane at Union Station

Here are some great photos of the SpyderCrane URW 547 working on the roof of Union Station in downtown Toronto, Ontario.

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Heading To GlassBuild America 2012

We’re heading to GlassBuild America 2012 – how about you? Details: Las Vegas Convention Center September 12 – 14, 2012 3275 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV