New GlasLift 250D Video

Thanks to our friends at Intellitech, we have a great new video of the GlasLift 250D / 550 and all of it’s great features. Check it out:

We have uploaded the new video to our YouTube channel as well, please subscribe for that video and all of the new videos that we will be uploading in the upcoming weeks and months ahead.

ROI Case Study: Vollsmose

With 504 windows to change in 504 apartments, enter the Gerenuk 500… two of them actually.

The previous method with traditional lifts, required 10 people and 8 months to complete.

The current method requires two Gerenuk 500s, 4 people, and took just 4 months to complete.


Here is a quick glance at how the numbers break down (US Dollars)…

Cost Factors Previous Method Current Method
Labour Cost Per Hour Per Person $38.14 $38.14
Hour Per Working Day 7.5 7.5
Cost Per Worker Per Day $286.03 $286.03
Hour Per Working Day 7.5 7.5
Total Cost In Labour Per Day [A] $2860.26 (10 workers) $1144.11 (4 workers)
Total Lift Costs Per Day [B] $1367.95 $1697.91*
Total Costs Per Day [C] = [A+B] $4228.92 $2842.02
Estimated Time Scope 8 months 4 months
Working Days In month 20 20
Total Working Days [E] 160 80
Total Cost Of Project [C] x [E] $676,514.45 $227,361.92
* – The lift costs per day for the current project are based on puchasing two Gerenuk 500s for $135,833.49 – spread out over the 80 working days of the project ($135,833.49/80 = $1697.91

So as you can see, even with the purchase of two Gerenuk 500s for the project, there was still a cost savings of almost half a million dollars – $676,514.45 (previous) – $227,361.92 (current) = $449,152.53.

And the entrepreneur on this project is going to need them too; as a result of the fast, cost-effective renovation, they were granted a new 2015 project on 600 apartments.

Imagine the return on investment WITHOUT the cost of the Gerenuk 500s to incur on their next glazing job – they stand to save even more!

We can even show you how they did it!

What are you waiting for? Call us today and find out how we can save you money on your next project. We didn’t even tell you about how much they saved on damaged windows!!

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OIFSC Adds GlasLift 351 To Training Fleet

Press Release: OIFSC Adds GlasLift 351 To Training Fleet

GLG was proud to have the Ontario Industrial and Finishing Skills Centre (OIFSC) recently take delivery of a GlasLift 351 / 770.

The state of the art facilities in Toronto, Ontario, are home to amongst other things, the students in the Architectural Glass & Metal Technician & Metal Mechanic Training Programs offered by the AGMCA.

Glass handler Pic 1

According to the AGMCA website, the program was “developed to provide trades people with theoretical knowledge of innovative techniques and procedures associated with the assembly and installation of glazing systems.

We believe in the same mantra that the AGMCA does, which is that training apprentices and journeymen is an integral part of maintaining a healthy glazing industry.

Glass handler Pic 7

The GlasLift® 351/770 is the most intelligent remote controlled glass handler available. The intelligent transport mechanism offers precise maneuverability, and the two-circuit vacuum suction system offers 400% over-capacity protection. We feel that these two features offer the OIFSC more usability, versatility, and safety in choosing the 351/770 for their facility, than any other machine in the glazing industry. Obviously they agreed.

Glass handler Pic 2 Glass handler Pic 3 Glass handler Pic 4

Glass handler Pic 5 Glass handler Pic 6 Glass handler Pic 8

With reduced labor and Workers Compensation costs, reduced work force fatigue, and INCREASED productivity, the glazing industry is rapidly embracing the move to versatile glass handlers like the GL-351/770.

The OIFSC’s goal is to “provide safe and educational training and certification to their members.” They have training centres in Toronto, and Ancaster, and Nepean. For more information, please visit their website.

For more information on the GL-351/770, or to see it in action, please visit our product page.

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Glass Handler Efficient For All Glass & Window

We were recently contacted by All Glass & Window in Florida – a full-service commercial glass and glazing company that offers a wide range of architectural products and services. They needed to install some 440 pound windows into a new facility.

We knew that the GlasLift 250D / 550 would be perfect for their needs. It is a manual push Mobile Glass Handler, and with a capacity of 550 pounds, its plenty of machine for the task.

After taking delivery of the machine, here is the feedback that we received from them:

“We love the GL250D/550 Glass Handler and are considering adding more to our equipment fleet,” said David Fleeman, owner and President of All Glass. “One man is installing 15 windows per day. The guys love the GL250D/550!” Continue reading »

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GlasLift 400 Glass Handler Video Now Available

Hot off the presses, we now have a video of this incredible new machine in action.

We are also excited to announce that there will be an option for a remote control for this unit as well! Stay tuned for more info on that, and be sure to visit our GlasLift 400 Product page to learn all about this great new glass handler.

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Introducing New All-Terrain GlasLift 400/880

The latest addition to our glass handler line represents the next generation of multilifters and glass handlers; the GlasLift® 400/880 not only looks tough, it is tough.

The front twin-wheel design, coupled with an incredibly reliable hydrostatic drive, make it both maneuverable, and capable of operating in all kinds of different terrains and environments.

GL-400 extended

Continue reading »

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GlassBuild 2014

Back from GlassBuild 2014, and wow, what a show, and what a great time we had in Las Vegas.

Things are always so busy when we get back, but we just wanted to thank everybody that took the time to stop by our booth this year, and add that we look forward to seeing you at GlassBuild 2015!!


Our GlasLift products were a big hit. We couldn’t be happier with the feedback and results of the show.


Mobile Glass Handlers Are Our New Focus

We have experienced a change in the matrix here at GLG.

Due to resounding success, we have shifted our focus solely to the mobile glass handlers that are taking North America by storm. You will notice that we have adjusted our website to match this new direction, so please check out all of the new information and product pages, for the fantastic line of GlasLift products from Denmark’s HH Intellitech: Continue reading »

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Join Us At GlassBuild 2014

GLG is excited to be joining HH INTELLITECH USA at the Glass Build America 2014 this year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Show Information:
Glass Build America 2014
The Glass, Window and Door Expo
September 9th-11th
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, Nevada


Schedule at a glance

Road to GlassBuild Blog

Follow them on Twitter

We will be displaying the following glass handlers at the show:


Stop by booth #3105 to check out these great products and find out why they can help your organization save time and money.

Keep an eye out for future communication from us on exciting offerings and promotions at GlassBuild 2015!

See you there!

More Glaslift Product Information.

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Permasteelisa Demo

Here are some photos of the demonstration we provided for PERMASTEELISA at their Mock Up Facility in Windsor, CT. They are simulating the new Apple Building being built in California.

The panels we handled were 1000lbs each, with an average installation time of just 7 minutes. Check it out! Continue reading »

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