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Gerenuk 500/1100 Mobile Glass Handler

Gerenuk® 500/1100

The most intelligent remote controlled multi-lifter in the industry. It can be adapted to all telescopic loaders, cranes and lifting gear to lift practically every known building material.

· Gerenuk® 500/1100 is a unit with integrated electrical and hydraulic systems and is thus independent of supply from the host machine.
· The unique head rotates and manipulates all items up to 500 kg in every direction with precision to the millimetre.
· Very high level of safety with a 2-circuit vacuum system providing 400% overcapacity.
· Telescopic arm with 1,500 mm mounting depth and 420 mm projection enables manipulation and mounting over balconies or through scaffolding.
· Lifts and handles all known building materials, such as facade elements, glass, concrete elements, granite, wood, steel etc.
Download GL-351/770 PDF Watch GlasLift-351/770 in Action
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All Multi-Lifters are easily adapted to lift any building material.