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MountIt Easy as 1,2,3
MountIt Products
No machine is smart if it doesn't come with a carrot for both manager and employee. By using Mountit's products the manager makes the work place attractive for the employees and achieves a significant increase in efficiency, while the employee avoids straining his back from heavy lifting trying to meet the demands of piece work.

Together with users, Mountit has looked at the time spent in the entire logistics sequence from the moment when 24 plasterboard panels are loaded on a truck outside to when they sit fitted on the wall inside. The working procedure before and after use of Mountit was analyzed, and the conclusion is absolutely clear. You save up to 40%, which means the route to the wall has never been easier for your employees.
MountIt In Action
The Trolley, Stacker and Mounter are all designed to allow the boards to stand upright in all working procedures. They allow the optimum working posture, making life a lot easier for tradesmen.

Can move and lift boards horizontally, tilt the stack to get them through door openings down to 90cm and turn the boards into an upright position. Electrically operated, weighs 550kg, maximum board size up to 122x300cm, maximum load of 1.3 tonnes. For tilting or turning boards however, the maximum load is 0.8 tonnes or 24 boards (13mm)

Acts as a ready store for boards in an upright position. Can easily be moved. Maximum board size of 122x300cm, maximum load of 0.8 tonnes or 24 boards.

Moves a board for final fitting, maximum board size of 122x130cm; board length up to 300cm.

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MountIt Products In Action
MountIt Trolley Front View
More Information
Handling plasterboard panels is hard work. Most carpenters will nod their heads in agreement as they stand bent over and struggle to get the board upright and fit it. But worn-out backs and having to involve several people in handling the plasterboard panels are now a thing of the past. The solution is called Mountit. A solution where plasterboard panels are handled from road to wall exclusively by machine power, increasing efficiency by up to 40%. The result is that at no point you have to lift or push the boards - and it takes only one person to manage the entire work process. Government authorities and the industry have for many years been calling for a better working environment and greater efficiency. We've done something about it!

Struggling with packs of plasterboard from the road into the building has always been a challenge. Typically two people would push a barrow and transfer the plasterboard board by board. Mountit's electrically operated Trolley is unique. It can tilt a pack of up to 24 plasterboard panels, allowing it to be moved through door openings. Work should be planned and organised to put as little strain on the individual as possible. Technical aids and resources must be used, except where this is not possible, in which case the work should be restricted to a limited period.

Mountit's machines are designed to meet these recommendations.